Protect and reintroduce endangered species

From Lemurs to Giraffes: A Global Commitment to Biodiversity

Our conservation strategy is integrative, prioritizing endangered species like the Eulemur fulvus fulvus in Madagascar and giraffes in Congo. We initiate each project with an in-depth assessment of the species and their habitats, tailoring our approaches to meet the distinct ecological and biological needs of each region.

Our initiatives are crafted from inception to foster thriving ecosystems, underscoring our global commitment to biodiversity and ensuring the preservation and growth of these vital species in their native environments.

A traceable and efficient methodology

Biodiversity report

Inventory of ecosystems, species, and genetic diversity to capture the comprehensive landscape of biodiversity.


Using cutting-edge tech to track and analyze animal movements and behaviors for informed conservation.

Securing areas

Implementing robust measures to safeguard habitats, enforce anti-poaching, and promote sustainable ecosystems.

Reintroduction plan

Strategically reintroducing species to prepared habitats, ensuring adaptation and ecological harmony.