Take climate action for your business

Bridging CSR Ambitions with On-the-Ground Action

At ForestCalling, whether we own or lease our lands, we remain the uncompromising stewards, carrying a lasting vision for our forests:

  • 20-Year Preservation : A commitment to no logging for two decades, ensuring forest longevity.
  • Scientific Oversight : Local specialists oversee restoration, ensuring the return of original biodiversity.
  • Local Integration : Emphasis on fair employment, gender parity, and support for family farming.
  • Carbon Certification : Our efforts are certified by renowned international institutions.

With ForestCalling, give your CSR strategy a tangible and enduring dimension.

We support your ESG strategy


Participate in the preservation of the forest and have the plot of your companie


Restore thousands of hectares of ancient forests that have been degraded for more than 10 years

Net Zero

Obtain certificates for your climate impact and achieve your NetZero commitments


Engage your teams in an exciting story to follow through the digital eyes of our teams to discover the rebirth of fauna and flora.

Leading enterprises place their trust in us

If you don’t have proper climate ambitions, you don’t have a business, With the way things work now, you will not get loans from the bank, you won’t have coverage on the insurance side, you won’t have any clients and you won’t have any people working for you.

Nicolai Tangen, CE of Norway’s fund

We are the ones who heard the ForestCalling

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