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We are the ones who heard the ForestCalling

ForestCalling is a company specialized in the development and management of reforestation projects in tropical forests. Our ambitious goal is to restore 100,000 hectares of degraded forests by 2030. To achieve these objectives, we work hand in hand with companies mindful of their climate impact.

Our approach is based on a robust scientific expertise, with a strong emphasis on biodiversity preservation, including diverse tree species and the reintroduction of local animal species. Furthermore, we promote inclusivity by creating job opportunities and dedicated agricultural spaces for local communities.

ForestCalling is a French company with local entities in the countries.

A project led by an experienced and passionate team.

Our story

The initial meeting between John GALLOULA and Andriatsoharana RANAIVOSON in Madagascar marked the inception of ForestCalling Association, a non-profit organization established on January 20, 2020. Their collaboration was grounded in a shared vision to preserve threatened tropical forests by transforming them into protected reserves, backed by traceable, participatory funding.

ForestCalling Association quickly garnered the support of over 15,000 individuals and multiple corporations, with ForestCalling Label making a substantial contribution to the funding efforts. Each partner and collaborator played a pivotal role in executing effective conservation strategies.

In 2023, the vision expanded with the introduction of ForestCalling, a company committed to conserving 100,000 hectares of tropical forest over the next decade. This ambitious goal underscores the project’s sustained and enhanced commitment to significantly contributing to the global fight against climate change and the preservation of biodiversity.

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