Our plantation

Planting Expertise

Our nursery tree design skills

From site selection to 3D design and efficient execution, our teams construct nurseries and prepare seedlings for planting in just 6 months.

This achievement relies on advanced geographic information systems (GIS) technologies and fast learning methods, coupled with precise logistics management. Our commitment to excellence ensures effective and environmentally sustainable forest protection.

We're proud to transform our vision into reality, contributing to forest preservation and revitalization of our precious forests.

3D Plan



Explore our efficient and traceable methodology

1. Nursury design

  • Choice location
  • Location of basic infrastructure
  • Sol study
  • 3D design

2. Tree's selection

  • Endangered species identification
  • Area climate factors
  • Edaphic factors
  • Most suitable tree species scorring

3. Reforestation plan

  • Satellite cartographic analysis
  • Study of soil composition
  • Selection of reforestation areas
  • Estimation of the workload

4. Team training

  • Meeting with local communities
  • Expert managers recruitment
  • Workers recruitment
  • Team training

5. Buildering

  • Creation of sites acces
  • Earthwork
  • Placement of drainage canals
  • Construction of incubation strips

6. Incubation

  • Preparing the seeds
  • Sowing and potting
  • Growth and mortality monitoring
  • Reporting process

7. Planting

  • Planting area cleaning
  • Transportation of seedlings
  • Ground hole
  • Planting in the ground

8. Reporting

  • Reforestation plan monitoring
  • Weekly monitoring report
  • Quarterly Report
  • Annual biomass balance
In April 2023, our team meticulously documented the entire planting process, starting from the nursery, deep within the enchanting Manjarisoa Forest in Madagascar. Join us on this journey to explore the captivating magic of nature.