Jacunda Forest, deep in the heart of the Amazon in Brazil, covers 4,333 hectares. Our mission: restore 1,500 degraded hectares, protect 3,000 hectares primary forest, and plant 700,000 native trees. This creates 60 jobs and supports the local community while preserving biodiversity. We're putting all efforts to make the project come to life!

The Jacunda program, spanning 4,333 hectares, embarks on an ambitious mission to reclaim land that was converted into farmland half a 50 years ago. This initiative holds tremendous environmental significance, particularly regarding its climate impact. Over the course of two decades, it is projected to sequester a staggering 1 million tonnes of carbon, serving as an essential carbon sink. Located within the heart of the Amazon rainforest, one of the world's most biodiverse regions, this program safeguards not only carbon but also the irreplaceable biodiversity thriving within its lush confines. In the face of pressing climate challenges, Jacunda stands as a scientific testament to the transformative power of ecological restoration, offering hope for a more sustainable future while protecting vital ecosystems for generations to come.

In June 2023, our expert team captured these captivating images, unveiling the remarkable biodiversity of the Jacunda Forest, nestled deep within the Amazon rainforest. Join us in exploring the wonders of nature.

The Jacunda team