ForestCalling's reforestation program in Kinkombwa covers 13,354 hectares within the Miombo forest of Haut Katanga, Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Focused on native tree species, it aims to restore this ecosystem, benefiting carbon sequestration, wildlife preservation, and air quality, while committing to planting 4 million trees. This initiative also plays a vital role in the region's socio-economic development, creating 300 jobs, offering agricultural training, and fostering community bonds, all grounded in sound scientific principles.

The Kinkombwa program's ambitious restoration effort aims to reclaim 4,531 hectares of land that has endured deforestation for over a decade within the entire site. This monumental undertaking will serve as a crucial carbon sink, capturing and sequestering an impressive 2.5 million tonnes of carbon over the span of 20 years. Beyond its environmental significance, this initiative offers a beacon of hope, illustrating how determined reforestation efforts can combat climate change while fostering ecological and societal resilience in the region. In essence, Kinkombwa stands as a testament to the power of ecological restoration in the fight against climate change, safeguarding our planet for future generations.

In August 2023, a remarkable expedition led by experts unveiled these captivating images, showcasing the extraordinary biodiversity of the Kimkombwa site. Explore the wonders of nature with us.

The Kinkombwa team