ForestCalling's 2021 Manjarisoa reforestation project, nestled in Madagascar's Toamasina region, covers 300 hectares. Supported by scientific research, this ambitious initiative thrives thanks to 15,000 individuals and businesses. The ForestCalling Association secures the land, prioritizing lemur habitat conservation. With 200,000 trees planted, it provides 50 jobs for the local community, all under the guidance of a passionate professional team.

The Manjarisoa project is a remarkable effort to restore 300 hectares of land in northeastern Madagascar's Toamasina region. This land has faced degradation due to deforestation and destructive practices. This substantial undertaking acts as a crucial carbon sink, sequestering around 78,643 tonnes of carbon over two decades. Beyond its environmental significance, it serves as a symbol of hope, demonstrating how dedicated reforestation efforts can combat climate change while preserving the region's ecological and societal resilience. Additionally, the project plays a vital role in safeguarding the region's endemic lemurs. In essence, Manjarisoa exemplifies the power of ecological restoration in the fight against climate change, securing our planet's future.

Discover the remarkable biodiversity of Manjarisoa through footage since 2021 - scientific expeditions and tree planting activities. Join us in the wonders of nature.

The Manjarisoa team