ForestCalling Privacy Policy

At ForestCalling, the protection and privacy of our users' personal data are of utmost importance. This privacy policy aims to inform our users about the collection, use, and protection of their personal information, in compliance with European regulations.

For any questions or concerns regarding this policy or the processing of your data, please feel free to contact us.

Collection of Personal Information
We may collect information such as:
-Your identity and contact details
-Technical and site usage information
-Your marketing and communication preferences
This data can be collected directly or through third-party technologies and platforms, including social networks.

Use of Collected Information
ForestCalling uses your data to:
-Optimize your user experience
Analyze interaction and engagement with our site and services
-Personalize our communications and marketing offers while respecting your preferences
-We never share your data with third parties for advertising purposes.

Sharing and Disclosure of Information
Your data may be shared internally and with selected partners to enhance our services. We adhere to prevailing laws and ensure your data is treated with the utmost confidentiality and security.

We use cookies to improve the quality of our services. You have the option to configure your browser to accept or refuse these cookies, knowing that it might affect your user experience.

Your Rights
You have the right to access, amend, or delete your personal data. You can also restrict their processing or object to their use for marketing purposes.

ForestCalling is committed to ensuring the security of your data. We have put in place robust security measures to protect your information from unauthorized access, undesirable alterations, illegal disclosures, or destruction.

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