ForestCalling's RABESOA forest program in Madagascar, by the Mananjary River, covers 25 hectares. Acquired by ForestCalling Association in 2020 with 1,560 supporters, its goal is to protect the site, including lemurs. Local communities assist in site protection, and the forest is open for visits, allowing exploration and conservation support.

The RABESOA forest, located in the Mananjary region of Madagascar, faces the pressing issue of extensive deforestation, with 90% of endemic species at risk. Urgent measures are vital to protect this area, which serves as a habitat for several lemur families. This comprehensive initiative involves the establishment of forest firebreaks, informative signage installation, daily patrols, and rigorous biodiversity reporting. RABESOA stands as a symbol of hope, illustrating the power of ecological restoration in preserving our planet's unique biodiversity and combating climate change

Explore Rabesoa's diverse wildlife by the Mananjary River, preserving local fauna like lemurs. Discover our natural heritage through 2021 footage.

The Rabesoa team